Service Disruptions for 12/9/2015

Hi everyone,

Today, on 12/9/2015, the and sites (along with anything hosted off of that) have experienced downtime, and higher then normal ping times.

Higher ping times began at approx. 10am EST this morning, and continues as of now, with ping times towards 1.5 seconds. Normal ping times are under one second. At peak, ping times were 6 seconds, with disruptions in ping times still occuring, for the past 8 hours.

Total service outages have also occured, with outages between 12pm and 2pm EST, with minor downtime (each outage lasting between 1-2 minutes). Since the last outage at around 1:50pm EST, no disruptions have been recorded since.


Unfortunately, this kind of stuff is not in my control, so if the site feels slow, or is totally outright, blame HostGator. Yes, HostGator is a great host, but this kinda stuff does happen with any provider (not trying to rant on HostGator here)


Sorry for the inconvenience.

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