Rebuilding the Archived sites!

Hey guys!

It’s about time I do an update to the archived portion of the site, so, I’ll be adding a dedicated page to the main site, with good styling, everything, for a better archive experience, instead of a manually coded archive page.

The updates should roll around December 21, 2015. Along with this, the Spanish Brochure revoked access/archive time will be now moved to January 7, 2016 for revoked access, and January 11, 2016 for being moved to the archive.

And hey, I’ll also be fixing the SCMC site’s image access, and moving stat beta sites over all the way to, along with anything else. That should happen soon.

Enjoy the last batch of updates coming. As it’s Christmas, I’ll be somewhat offline, not working too much.


Merry Christmas,


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