It’s 2016…changes are in the air, I guess?

Hey, I made it to 2016. What a surprise!

As of now, I’m extremely busy, with a huge plan for my Minecraft Server, but WHERES THE LOVE FOR THIS SITE (and other ones!)

Here’s my plan for 2016 for all my sites.

January 2016 will be filled with archiving, archiving, site updates, site fixes. My promises of archiving the CS Help Desk and the old archive pages will come true! I’m gonna do that, along with archiving the brochure website, around January 5ish. I’ll also go ahead and work on putting all SCMC images on the site itself. Yes, it’s a change, but a good change. It needed to happen, and it’ll probably result in some downtime. I’ll do that tonight.

Later in January 2016 comes the rebirth of o355’s Place! Using different sources of images, I’ll attempt to recreate the old site as best as I can. Wait…do I have a MAMP backup?

February 2016 will bring a cloud update. So exciting omg 10/10 best update ever!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!

February 2016 will also bring the huge release of a project for graphing calculators I’ve been working on! So that’s kewl m89!

That’s really all the updates I can think of. Oh, right, for 2016, all sites will be moved to the Creative Commons! That’s also occurring tonight.

I’ve got one god damn busy night tonight. Off to work I go!

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