Update – And new project coming soon

Hello everyone (again),

As I haven’t done updates to this website in about 3 days, I thought I’d finally do it tonight. The rest of my projects will be posted tonight, finishing v22.2.1 (build 11115).

Oh, and a new project is coming soon. Finishing up on a mod at iD tech camps :). If we get to compile it into a .jar file (which we should…), I’ll post it here. And then the src file as well so you can see the inner workings. Sorry if it’s named com.examplemod (the dumb game plan told me to do that, but it’d mess everything up.

Oh, and I also have a fake IP hacker that I kinda quickly-ish made in java, I’ll be posting that tomorrow night 🙂

So that’s that. Expect new projects coming out on this site soon.


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