Stats lists

Welcome to the not-so-official AP Stats data sets page!

This is a webpage containing all the Appendix B data sets for AP Stats. If you ever feel like not typing in hundreds of numbers, you’ve come to the right place.


Below is a .zip file containing all the list files that I was able to extract, sorted by each data table.



Transferring the stuff to your calculator:

If you’d like, you can transfer all the list variables at once (using the everything folder), or by per data set. Depending on your calculator there’s different steps you’ll have to take and different equipment to get. Follow the instructions below.


TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus Color Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus CE

Equipment necessary:

  • A Mac or PC
  • A mini-USB cable – for TI-84 Plus CE owners this is the same cord you use for charging. If you have a not TI-84 Plus CE, you’ll need to buy one off of Amazon – – this should do the trick.
  • If you have a more modern Mac without the normal USB ports, you’ll either need to buy dedicated cord to connect to your calculator (, or use a dongle that has a standard USB port.
  1. Download the TI-Connect Software for either Mac or Windows, depending on your OS, and install.
  2. Download the lists file from above
  3. Open the TI-Connect Software, and just hit agree (it’s not like we read the ToS anyway)
  4. You’ll now want to unzip the lists file – On Mac it’ll automatically be unzipped if you downloaded in Safari, if you downloaded in Chrome or another browser, click the file to unzip. On Windows, go into Explorer, then Downloads folder, then right click, and click Unzip, then hit enter.
  5. Connect your calculator to your computer with the USB cord
  6. Wait for TI Connect to detect your calculator, then hit “Calculator Explorer” on the left. This should automatically pop-up by default.
  7. In the top left of your screen, click on the icon that has an arrow going out of a laptop (if you need help – see this image)
  8. A file browser should appear. Navigate to where you put your Stats folder. Get to the point where you should see a listing of all the different data sets, and skip to the What Data Set Do I Use? section below.
  9. Once you’ve selected your files, click the send button, and off they go to your calculator! It may take a few moments for the files to transfer, but be patient.
  10. To use your stats lists – See the section How do I use my Stats Lists?

TI-83 Plus

To be completely honest – I have very little clue on how to make this work on the TI-83 Plus. For all I know, you’ll need to buy this (hyperlink not working atm) $17.99 cord off of Amazon, and use a completely different piece of software called “TI Connect” (not TI Connect CE).

If you can buy the cord I’d be happy to figure it out for you.

You can also “follow” the instructions above – they should generally be the same, minus a few UI differences.


What Data Set Do I Use?

It depends on your homework assignment for the night. In short – if you’re asked to use a data set from an appendix – go to the data set to get important folder & list names.

Each data set should have information on “TI-83/84 Plus” and “Text files”. The “TI-83/84 Plus” field is the folder name you’ll find the lists in, and the “Text files” are the names of the lists inside that folder.

Transfer the lists that are necessary for the homework to your calculator by double-checking on one file (if you only have to transfer one list), or by selecting multiple files (Shift click, Control click, or left click and drag, it’s up to you)


If you just want to get all the lists you’ll use throughout the year, select all the files in the Everything folder, and send it to your calculator. TI Connect will likely lock up when doing this for a bit, so be patient.

The only downside to transferring all the lists at once is that when you want to use a list for a problem, it can take longer to scroll to the exact list.


How do I use my Stats Lists?

Pretty simple, actually. When you get your 1-Var Stats pulled up on screen, instead of hitting “2nd 1” for L1, or “2nd 2” for L2, you’ll instead want to hit “2nd Stat”, which will pull up a list of names for lists. Choose the list that corresponds with the “Text files” name of the data you need to use for the problem, and hit enter. That’s all there is to it!

Custom Programs

Custom programs are coming to further assist you. See the list below for more information.

Custom programs are never coming.

If you need technical support

Email me: owen <a t > owenthe (d 0 t ) ninja


How do I find how many decimal places each data set is rounded to?

In the data set you need to use, look at a few data points.

You can also look at the first few entries in the list on your calculator – Do this by following the instructions listed on how to use your stats lists, but don’t actually put 1-Var Stats into your calculator. The first few data points should pop up and from there you can determine how rounded the data is.