Migration to Squarespace

As of May 29, 2021, my website is now running on Squarespace. There’s a few reasons for this migration:

  • The Squarespace site has a much cleaner look than the WordPress website.
  • WordPress is primarily text-heavy while Squarespace is more image-heavy. I believe in the power of using imagery to represent my projects, rather than long, in-depth technical explanations.
  • Writing good articles about my projects is a time-intensive process, and I don’t have that time anymore. It’s much faster to update my portfolio for a new or updated project.


However, I’ve been running on my current WordPress setup for nearly 6 years. I wanted to retain backwards compatibility with the WordPress install, as it would be an extremely time-consuming process to move nearly 200 posts & articles to Squarespace.

With that, there’s two versions of owenthe.dev:

  • The main owenthe.dev website is running on Squarespace, with a subset of projects & experiments.
  • wp.owenthe.dev now hosts the old WordPress website, along with any pages that ran under owenthe.dev before May 29, 2021.
  • If you hit a URL on the Squarespace install of owenthe.dev and it isn’t found, you’re automatically redirected to wp.owenthe.dev.
  • Three exceptions to this rule are owenthe.dev/snowday, owenthe.dev/jsclock, and owenthe.dev/staticarchive. These are now accessible at snowday.owenthe.dev, jsclock.owenthe.dev, and staticarchive.owenthe.dev respectively.


The WordPress website will have a persistent banner with a link to this page, and a link to go back to the new owenthe.dev website.


At this point, not all top-level pages have been migrated to Squarespace (including the Archive, Dovetail’s DLC, etc). I’m working to migrate these over. For now, these pages will continue to live on the WordPress install.

Lastly, both Squarespace and WordPress will have links going back to each other.


Thank you for your support during this new chapter of my online presence.